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Xkins usages and features

Xkins is written in Java and is intended to be used in a J2EE application, but you can use it in other java environments like Desktop or J2ME applications. It is not mandatory to be used in a web environment, as you can use it in an EJB to get XML or other input data that can be externalized to xkins.

In a web environment, Xkins components can be used through its own tag libs, Xkins forms tags, or with your custom tags using the API. You can also integrate Xkins with other presentation frameworks like Struts-Layout or use along with Velocity extending VelocityServlet.

This framework can be extended in order to use templates of any kind. You can implement your own template processor to generate output for your template. Xkins has its own template language that allows you to produce HTML, and has an implementation of a template processor that uses Velocity templates. But you are not restricted to generate HTML or text, but also you could produce PDF, XLS, images on the fly, etc.

Xkins can also be used with JavaServerFaces, implementing a RenderKit that generates HTML or XML with Xkins.

You can use Xkins as a single access point for multiples template processors and add each one Xkin's capabilities in managing different Skins.


  • Web application Skin management
  • Integration with other frameworks (JSF, Struts, Velocity, Struts-layout, etc)
  • An extensible framework that will allow you to write your own template processor according to your needs.
  • Skins can be extended, and override elements, templates or paths, so minimizing maintenance.
  • Allows you to organize UI in elements, templates, paths and Skins.
  • Skin Components can be packaged in a single file and then unziped and loaded in the target web application.
  • Autoreaload feature will reload all skins when you change a definition file.
  • Xkins Forms: A taglib set to use Xkins inmediatly, with Struts 1.1 integration.
  • An API is being defined for Xkins Editors, so you can create an IDE or a Plugin for editing Xkins.

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