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Skin definition
Xkins Forms

Integrating with Struts

Struts 1.1 plugin

Xkins comes with a Struts 1.1 plugin to load Xkins:

       <plug-in className="net.sf.opentranquera.xkins.struts.XkinsPlugin">
             <set-property property="config" value="/xkin-panel-definition.xml"/>
             <set-property property="defaultSkinName" value="default"/>

Xkins Forms and Struts

Xkins forms is intended to be used with Struts. Xkins Forms tags uses Struts mapping and allows to execute DispatchAction methods.

Struts Layout

This framework has a skin solution and can be extended.
Each tag in this framework has a renderer and you declare it in a property file.
You can use xkins to implement this interfaces and use Skin features.

For example, if you use Xkins implementation of this interfaces in the following JSP:

<%@ page language="java" %>
<%@ taglib uri="/WEB-INF/struts-html.tld" prefix="html" %>
<%@ taglib uri="/WEB-INF/struts-layout.tld" prefix="layout" %>
<html:errors property="org.apache.struts.action.GLOBAL_ERROR"/>
<layout:form action="/" focus="username" styleClass="FORM" width="50%" key="logon.title">
  <layout:text key="prompt.username" property="username" size="16" maxlength="16" isRequired="true" />
  <layout:password key="prompt.password" property="password" size="16" maxlength="16" isRequired="true" />
      <layout:submit property="submit" value="Submit"/>   

HTML generated by this JSP would be like this:
Using Skin default (same as BasicPanel):

Using skin 1

And Using Skin 2

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